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Keeping the Balance: 5 Ways to Prevent Your Elderly Loved Ones from Falling


As we age, our physical conditions and illnesses may affect our body strength. Some medication taken as maintenance medicine may have some side effects that can affect our balance. When we lose our balance, we fall and may potentially get injured or get our bones broken. Most seniors who fall get slipped disc and may recover slowly. Here are some ways that you or your elderly loved ones can do to prevent falls:

  1. Know About Their Current Health Situation. Your loved ones may be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Heart Disease and may be taking some medication that is too strong for their bodies to handle. Make sure you talk to your health care provider about their actual condition and if you can lower the dosage of some medicine.
  2. Get Their Eyes Checked. Some seniors may not know it, but blurry vision is definitely one of the top reasons why elderly people slip or fall. When they don’t see where they are walking, they would not know if they are stepping on wet surface or if what’s in front of them are stairs. Make sure you get their eyes checked regularly to get prescription eyeglasses and prevent falls.
  3. Install Wall Walking Handles and Foam on Sharp Edged Furniture. If you notice that your loved one is having difficulty getting out of his chair and walking, this is a sure sign that they are at higher risk for falling. When their legs can no longer support their body weight, they need to have support to hold on to if they fall. This is why it is important to make sure you install handles and put cushion or foam on furniture that may potentially harm your loved ones.
  4. Check Your House’s Lighting. Poor lighting is also one of the reasons your elderly loved ones may potentially fall. This may add to poor vision that your elderly loved one may have. Make sure your lights are bright enough and that you check in with them if they are comfortable with the brightness. Too bright is also not good as it may blind them.
  5. Get a Companion. If your loved one has someone to be with and support them when they walk, the chances of them falling is lower. If you are looking for a companion for personal care and home care in Danbury, Connecticut, Live-Ins for the Elderly LLC can help you!

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