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In-Home Care for Stroke Patients

In-Home Care for Stroke Patients

If your elderly loved one suffers a stroke, it may require you to take care of them most of the time as their world transforms into something that they will find daunting. Through treatment and therapies, though, it is possible to restore your loved one’s strength and balance. However, it may not be enough for them to take care of themselves in their own homes the way they used to.

Taking care of your loved one full-time may sometimes be impossible for you, especially when your other priorities require your presence like your job or your kids. Let us suppose you have neither of them—you still need to take care of yourself. You may be able to reach other loved ones, but you cannot always guarantee that they will be available to help.

We offer you our in-home care in Danbury as your better option. Our caregivers only have one job to do, and that is to take care of your elderly and improve their quality of life. They can assist your loved one with their daily routine of self-care whenever you are not around. Yes, take some time off. Enjoy with your friends or have your “me” time. Let our caregivers give you a break.

At Live-Ins For The Elderly LLC, we do not just strive to assist our stroke patients with their personal care needs. We also want to help them become capable of doing things when others think otherwise. We believe that by giving them small tasks, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and independence.

When you allow your elderly loved one to feel needed and useful, you are helping them fight stress and depression that sometimes surface when they have a stroke. No matter how small it is, doing something for others allows their mind to become mentally stimulated.

When you care for your elderly loved one with a stroke, you have to do your best to make them feel that they are not burdensome. Instead, you make efforts to get them to feel like you still need them.

While you are performing the more difficult ones, there are manageable tasks that you can give your elderly to fulfill. Examples of such are:

  • Cleaning the scraps of food on the table after mealtime
  • Watering the indoor plants
  • Arranging the sofa pillows
  • Folding the laundry

These may be simple assignments, but for your elderly, it can be a gratifying achievement for them. Whenever they get the job done, make sure to praise and thank them for helping you. The acknowledgment will make them feel pleased and improve their self-esteem.

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