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Benefits of Using an Agency vs. Hiring a Stranger from Craigslist

Are you looking for a care provider to assist a senior loved one or family member with a disability at home? Looking for the right care staff opens you to a host of many options. But in many cases, people use the Internet due to its myriad of choices. However, how do you know you’re … Continue reading

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Home at Happy: Reasons to Stay at Home in the Aging Years

Staying at home means staying with family For some of us, our families are our homes. With this, staying with our families would mean the world to us and if we can do what we can to stay with our family even with our old age, we would do it. We are also more comfortable … Continue reading

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Reasons to go for Agency Care Services

Are you posting wanted ads for caregivers or care providers? Perhaps you’ve scheduled to meet some already? Live-Ins For The Elderly LLC wants you to reconsider hiring agency-provided care service instead of searching online and meeting the care providers you’ve met online. As a provider of In-home Care in Danbury, we have 5 reasons on … Continue reading

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In-Home Care for Stroke Patients

If your elderly loved one suffers a stroke, it may require you to take care of them most of the time as their world transforms into something that they will find daunting. Through treatment and therapies, though, it is possible to restore your loved one’s strength and balance. However, it may not be enough for … Continue reading

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