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Home at Happy: Reasons to Stay at Home in the Aging Years

Home at Happy Reasons to Stay at Home in the Aging Years
  • Staying at home means staying with family
    For some of us, our families are our homes. With this, staying with our families would mean the world to us and if we can do what we can to stay with our family even with our old age, we would do it. We are also more comfortable talking to our family than with other people because of our bond as a family.

  • Staying at home rather than a facility helps us financially
    Senior care facilities are not as friendly to our pockets compared to just staying at home with home care services. We don’t have to pay for a lot of provisions since our homes provide most of what we want and what we need.

  • You don’t have to deal with heavy changes and the possible stress of moving
    Changing houses impact us since we have attachments to our homes and we can’t deny the difficulty of being away from it. Our daily activities at home get disrupted during a move. Sleeping could also be difficult due to the change of environment causing our lack of rest. Waking up to a different environment as well can shock us and adjustment will take a considerable amount of time.

  • Living at home helps us retain our sense of dignity and independence
    When we live at home, we feel empowered and supported, with our independence uncompromised. Our care providers can assist us with Personal Care services at our homes. Our friends and our home care service providers are ready to assist us.

  • We don’t have to endure missing our loved ones
    Living with our families, we don’t have to wait for scheduled visitation. Scheduled visits can be exciting when it draws near but all other days, it can be a set of draining emotions. Why should we be away from our family when living with our family, care for ourselves and being assisted by care providers is possible?

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