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Benefits of Using an Agency vs. Hiring a Stranger from Craigslist

Benefits of Using an Agency vs. Hiring a Stranger from Craigslist

Are you looking for a care provider to assist a senior loved one or family member with a disability at home? Looking for the right care staff opens you to a host of many options. But in many cases, people use the Internet due to its myriad of choices. However, how do you know you’re getting the reliable one? Should you post your own need or go directly to a reputable provider of Home Care in Danbury, Connecticut?

Let us help you weigh your options further. Here are the benefits of getting help from a home care agency versus looking for an independent care provider:

  • Lesser cost
    When you get a Personal Care assistant from a home care agency, you will only be paying for their own rate. The agency will be the one to pay for the caregiver’s other benefits required by the law. In contrast, if you hire someone independent, you will be considered as their employer, hence, you have to pay all the necessary charges required by law including taxes, social security, and other benefits. Hence, getting help from an agency is way less costly to you.

  • Background security
    Home care agencies provide thorough background checks of their team. Their applicants undergo exhaustive screening including criminal liabilities to ensure that they’re getting personnel who have clean and reputable records. However, getting an independent caregiver may be difficult for you to screen as this process is very costly. If you want a care provider you can trust, a home care agency can give you that.

  • Protection from disability claims
    The staff from home care agencies are bonded and insured, thus, when they get injured from work, they can be compensated accordingly. On the other hand, these bonds and insurance will be charged to you, as their employer, if you’re hiring your own caregiver. If something happens to them while on duty, they can make claims of damages that you have to handle.

  • Reduced risk on theft
    When you have care team members from reputable care agencies, you can definitely trust that their personnel is well-screened. Aside from the peace of mind that they won’t touch any of your private belongings, you can also easily trace them whenever these instances happen. The agency will make sure that your loved one is safe and your belongings secure at home.

  • Low staff turnover
    With staff from home care providers, you can trust that there’s always someone who can attend to your loved one. They always have ready alternate personnel in the event that the present staff is unable to visit your home. As opposed to an independent caregiver, you will have difficulty in looking for a quick replacement in the event they will choose to quit.

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