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4 Convenient Ways Children Can Help Aging Parents


Our parents have been vital factors of where we are today. They have sacrificed a lot for us; they stopped attending parties as often as they had before we were born, they worked for long hours to sustain us, and they worked even harder to get us to college. These are just a few circumstances when they have put our convenience before theirs.

Now that they are aging, they need more attention from us. Just as they have cared for us when we were young, we should give back to them in any way we can. Although our parents won’t ask for help, we have to initiate and provide them with their needs that we can afford.

How can you help?

  1. Visit them often.

    Living alone could affect our parents’ mental, social, and psychological health adversely. Sure, our parents might have hobbies where they can meet friends, but going home at an empty house could make them feel down.

    To bring enthusiasm in their lives, we can schedule a monthly or weekly visit to them. We can also ask our siblings to go to our parent’s home on other weeks when we cannot visit. For example, we can visit them in the first week of the month, the second week would be our sister’s turn, then the third is our brother’s.

  2. Bring your kids to them.
    The joy that our children could bring to our parents is immeasurable. Our parents may see us in our kids. They would love to share stories about us to our offspring and to hear stories and adventures from the kids as well. By bringing our kids to our parent’s house, we could also have an opportunity to check their house for any defective structures which could put them in danger. While our parents are entertained by the kids, we can go to the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom to see whether there’s something we need to fix.
  3. Hire a caregiver from an agency.

    We will not be with our parents all hours of the day. And that is reasonable because we also have our own family to sustain and support. However, that does not mean that we should ignore our parents’ safety altogether.

    We can hire a caregiver from a Home Care in Danbury, Connecticut to accompany them during daytime and if possible, 24/7. With an In-Home Care in Danbury, we will feel at ease while we are away from our parents.

  4. Provide them with gadgets.

    Gadgets could play an important role in the safety and health of our parents. With mobile phones, our parents can readily communicate with us, especially during times of emergency. Ipad, tablets, and laptops can also provide them with entertainment which they would need during days when they stay alone at home. These are the reasons why Live-Ins For The Elderly LLC encourages us to provide and teach our elderly parents how to use gadgets.

We don’t need to be with our parents every single day to show them we care. We can do it in other convenient ways and we just have to be sincere in helping them.

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